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  1. Steven Scott says:

    No problem, creativity shouldn’t be rushed! As a follow up question, I realize that I’ve been assuming that since the volumes cost more that you yourself receive more in compensation? Is that the case or would it be more helpful to you in terms of making a living and keeping the series going (in that order of course but if you chose to switch that around I suppose it would be fine with me;) for people in general to buy the stories as they are released? I know what I’m hoping the answer is but if the volumes are where you’re making your money, I’ll do my best and wait it out. I just think that anyone who puts as much effort into their work as you do should be paid well for it (and some of that is flattery but it’s mostly sincere, honest!).

    And I apologize if you’ve already seen this. It doesn’t seem to be going through on my end.

    • darrenpillsbury says:

      Hi Steven!

      I answered your question via email, but I figured I would post it for any other readers who might be interested:

      Thanks for asking about the money – I appreciate your concern in trying to help me out. Yep, I set the prices, and the higher I set them, the more money I make.

      The $9.99 pricing for the volumes was actually a remnant of the days (like, 2014-2015) when I was trying to get a regular income through the Peter stories. I wanted people to buy the stories as they came out, so I priced the volumes higher so they wouldn’t wait.

      That never worked out. I don’t make much money on the Peter stories, so I decided to try to encourage new readers to pick them up, and I dropped the volume prices of Mummy-Ghost down to $5.99. So the volumes are actually cheaper now than buying the installments separately.

      So I guess under the new system, you’d be helping me out more by buying the individual installments! No need to wait.

      On a side note: BIKERS (#31) is almost ready to go, I just haven’t pulled the trigger on formatting it yet. But I’m already about 20 pages into the next installment, PETER AND THE MIRROR WORLD (tentative title). Gwen starts off the story in solo mode, which should be fun.

      Thanks for writing in!

  2. Tenzin says:

    Please tell me when Peter and the Bikers is on pre-order. I am dying for any news and it is already March 17. I thought you were going to release Peter and the Bikers by March 1st.

    • darrenpillsbury says:

      Hi Tenzin!

      I apologize for being so late with Bikers. I just finished editing a few days ago, and I’ll try to have it out in the next week (by April 11). Sorry for the wait…

      Thanks for reading my books, and thanks for checking in!


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