Peter And The Past (#30) Now Available!

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Hi everybody! PETER AND THE PAST is now on sale!

I have to warn you, though, this installment is dark. Probably the darkest story so far. If you're a parent, I would urge you to read the book first before you let your kids read it. There's nothing R-Rated in it, but… it's dark. And very sad.

Be prepared.


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5 Responses to Peter And The Past (#30) Now Available!

  1. Anibal G says:

    Seems sooo long to have waited for another Peter story, already pre-bought on amazon! I am a Peterfan! and that description being so “dark” only makes me more eager, and much much anxious… Hope Grandpa Flannagan comes out ok, 🙁

  2. Sebastian C. says:

    I love this new story and i hope you can write more stories like this. I Liked how it was longer and much darker. It is (for me) way more entertaining than your past installments. Thanks for writing all these amazing stories.


  3. Tenzin says:

    Love it! I hope you strike it rich ASAP! I’m going to see what I can do to help.

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