Peter And The Elves now available!

PETER AND THE KINDERMORD is now available!

On Kindle:

On Nook:

Here’s the description:

Peter's had quite a few experiences with Fairieland.

There was the time that a changeling took over his sister's identity.

Or the time that brownies terrorized his house.

But this time, something else is stirring in that other dimension. Something new. Something strange.

When his sister falls into danger, it will take all of Peter's training, ingenuity, and bravery to help her escape.

If that's even possible…

54,000 words.

Plus, Kindle people get a free 9000-word excerpt from the sci-fi novella BestFriend by William Van Winkle!

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4 Responses to Peter And The Elves now available!

  1. citizen j says:

    I like the excerpt inclusion of other authors. I bought Best Friend because of it. You should do that more and see if other authors will reciprocate by including excerpts of your books.

    • darrenpillsbury says:

      Hey Citizen J!

      Not a bad idea at all. I’ll have to see if I can’t leverage it for the future.

      Thanks for writing in!


  2. michelle says:

    I’m missing Peter. Dill and grandpa 🙁

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