You can read PETER AND THE VAMPIRES (Volume One) – which includes the first four stories in the PETER AND THE MONSTERS series – for free!

On the Kindle:

(You don't need a Kindle to read it. Amazon has a built-in reader on their site, or you can go to and download a Kindle app for your computer, smart phone, or iPad.)

On the Nook:



5 Responses to GET FREE EBOOKS!

  1. I have just read your ebook IMAGINARY FRIENDS & I am totally blown away. As a writer myself, I am totally humbled! I will be posting a review as soon as I finish writing it. Now I want to read ALL your books. You have just become one of my very favorite writers. I agree this would be a fantabulous movie- have you tried DISNEY??
    Keep writing, bub. You have me hooked!
    Shayla Kwiatkowski

  2. Jose I. Slaven says:

    It could be a great cartoon series, or a TV show, or a comix strip. For publicity use You-Tube.

    • darrenpillsbury says:

      Hey Jose!

      Thanks for the vote of confidence! If I ever strike it rich, I might commission somebody to do graphic novel versions. And if I strike it REALLY rich, I would just fund the movie shoots myself. But first I have to strike it really rich. Therein lies the problem. 🙂

      But until then, enjoy the text stories!


  3. rich wigginton says:

    I read peter and the vampires because I was looking for something free to read when I first got my kindle.and I was hesitant because I thought it was just going to be for kids.I was blown away and have purchased every story in the series.I’m 39 years old and am not ashamed to say how much I loved them.especially peter and the ninja.I grew up with ninjutsu my father is a very well known ninjutsu instructer. rick Wigginton Sr.I can’t wait for the next stories to come out.I have grown to love the have a way of making people care about them and I just want to thank you so hurry up I’m going through withdraw lol.your a great author and reading your stories gives me a break from the everyday stress of life.its rare that someone can write stories that kids to people my age can care about and enjoy.thank you again.

    • darrenpillsbury says:

      Hey Rich!

      Wow – that’s really cool – you actually grew UP with a ninja! 🙂 Please forgive any dramatic licenses on my part with the training. I try to stick as close as I can to what I learned, but sometimes I have to fill in the gaps or improvise…

      Thanks so much for taking a chance and picking up VAMPIRES. I definitely write the stories for all ages – I mean, I basically write them for ME at my age, and for the 10-year-old version of me who snuck into the grocery store to read Stephen King’s novels because they weren’t allowed at home. So, yep, ALL ages. In fact, the vast majority of my fans are ages 20-60, so you’re in good company. I think my readers in the 8-14 demographic probably make up less than 10% of my overall fan base.

      Thanks for all the kind words – I’m so glad you’re enjoying my books! And thanks for writing in!


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